Who We Are
Innovative marketing & sales solutions team specializing in the health and beauty industry

The Brand Initiative LLC is a strategic alliance of partners with one focus: to meet the growing needs of our clients at various stages of development, in order to keep pace with the challenges and changes in the marketplace.

Specializing in the health and beauty category, The Brand Initiative LLC has the knowledge, innovation and experience necessary to take a brand from the initial concept to the end-user — consumer, trade or professional — generating exponential sales and profit.

A service-oriented team of senior executives based in New York and Los Angeles combine their professional backgrounds, an extensive network of industry experts, and a highly skilled team of formulators, designers and small agencies to provide a full range of tightly focused and cost-effective marketing strategies, sales distribution, management and creative services without the overhead costs of a large agency.

Whether your business is on-shelf, on-air, on-line or through network selling, The Brand Initiative LLC ensures your marketing and sales strategies are on target, on budget and on time!

Los Angeles

Founder and President

Cynthia has over 18 years experience in domestic and international marketing within the health and beauty aids industry, with key positions in such Fortune 500 companies as Gillette, J&J/Neutrogena and Dermalogica. Read more.....

Los Angeles

US Sales: Retail and Online

A sales veteran for 25 years in the beauty industry, Michelle is an expert in retail, professional and online sales with comprehensive experience in market development, key account management, customer.....Read more.....

Los Angeles

International Sales

Mike Bistany, International Sales. Having established Neutrogena's distributor network in over 65 countries, with sales exceeding $350MM on 4 continents... Read more.....

Los Angeles

Direct Response and Home Shopping Specialist

Stephanie Beckman is a 25 year veteran of consumer Direct Response advertising with expertise ranging from new product introductions ... to hybrid retail and branding. Read more.....

Los Angeles, CA

Educator and Trainer

Nancy Reimer is a seasoned Sales Training and Development professional with 20 years of experience in the cosmetic, personal care and supplement industries. Read more.....

Los Angeles

Product Placement Stategist

Caroline Rogers specializes in strategic product placement on film and television (both on and off the camera) and celebrity, makeup artist, and hair stylist relations throughout Hollywood.....Read more.....

New York

Public Relations

For more than 15 years, Lisa Lauri has successfully spearheaded top-notch public relations programs for a wide range of brands. With experience in building unknown brands into press powerhouses... Read more.....

Palm Springs, CA

Direct and Network Selling

Michele has a successful track record in leadership positions with start-ups, turnarounds and re-launches in all key areas of a direct selling marketing business model. Read more.....

Redondo Beach, CA

Natural Product Sales

Jeri Trachtman has been in the natural products industry since 1992 in sales management positions for every class of trade with such notable companies as Strength Systems. Read more.....

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