Founder and President

Cynthia has over 18 years experience in domestic and international marketing within the health and beauty aids industry, with key positions in such Fortune 500 companies as Gillette and J&J. She was the Director of International Marketing at Neutrogena for 7 years, Vice President of Jafra Cosmetics for 4 years while it was a subsidiary of Gillette, and the Vice President of Dermalogica for 2 years.

For the past six years, Cynthia has headed The Brand Initiative LLC (formerly the CBConsulting/Marketing Matrix llc) specializing in developing and expanding new and existing HBA brands for retail, professional and direct channels of distribution in the US and diverse international markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America. With both corporate experience and experience in entrepreneurial ventures, Cynthia brings the knowledge and creativity needed to take a brand from concept to shelf for exponential success in revenue, profit and return on investment.

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